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Orgonite pyramids do not eliminate the electromagnetic energy; instead, they reorganize the pattern of the energy to one that is harmonized for the human body. ... While orgonite can be made into many shapes, the pyramid is a popular form because pyramids are renowned for their ability to amplify and transmit energy.

Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against electromagnetic pollution (emf). These subtle energy tools interact and transform orgone or life energy.

The Sodalite properties are a result of the stone’s connection to the throat and third eye chakras. The deep, rich blue coloration of the stone also gives it a soothing and calming energy, which helps to put your spirit at ease. This specific combination of energies makes the energy of the Sodalite meaning an ideal healing tool for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual growth, strengthen their self-expression, or tap into their intuition. 

How do you use orgonite for healing?
One of the best ways to connect with the Sodalite crystal meaning is through meditation or placing the stone close to your body, especially your third eye or throat chakras to balance and clear any blockages in these energy centers. By clearing blockages in these spaces, you can access your voice and tap into your inner wisdom. 

The clear quartz poing enhances the healing frequency bringing loving energy to your entire being.

Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol is on the side of the pyramid. This Reiki symbol allows high vibration frequency energy bring you enlightenment and spiritual understanding. 

You can direct the frequency from the orgone pyramid and its stones toward any place, person, or time. Send it to different parts of your body for healing. ...
The base of the pyramid is approximatly 2.75"  each pyramid is handmade so dimensions vary somewhat from time to time. 

These Orgonite Pyramids are priced per each.

Sodalite Pyramid Orgonite with Crystal Quartz Point - Clear Blockages

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