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We’re Chris & Ginger Pennell, owners of Spirit Quest here at 303 Main Street in Old Town Spring, Texas. 

For many years, Chris and I worked in the corporate world. We both held various types of employment, but we finished up our regular 9 – 5 jobs in the environmental industry - me with a 16-year stint as an office manager, and Chris as an environmental sales and service technician. 

About Our Leather
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Offering Extra Special Service

Our introduction into alternative healing began with learning about a natural touch healing technique called Reiki. This wonderful method of healing is used all over the world now and also offered at many of the hospitals in the nation! We earned our certificates as Reiki Masters and this triggered our interest to start learning more about alternative healing therapies that work in conjunction with traditional medicine. 


In 2001, Chris and I began our year-long training and certification in advanced clinical hypnosis. It was a course that changed our lives forever. From there we rented an office in a metaphysical center in Spring Branch and our after-hours alternative healing and store blossomed.  

We went on to become certified in many different healing modalities, began to travel all over the state of Texas and beyond, sharing our new skills with others as well as selling products. During this time, Chris and I also built and patented a new and never before seen transformational piece of equipment that helped people relieve stress and even illness with color, light, and sound therapy.   


As we learned more about alternative healing and metaphysics, it became our passion and our dream to create a center where people could gather, share their knowledge, their insights, their different belief systems, their healing, and the best medicine of all - their companionship and laughter. We worked hard towards our dream. But as you know, our time and the Divine time of the Universe are two completely different things. For me, sometimes it felt as if we’d never reach our goal to have our own place. Chris would always tell me, “I’ll know when it’s time.” I would get so frustrated hearing that! 

Well, the time finally did arrive and we opened Spirit Quest LLC in 2009 in Old Town Spring, Texas. We started out small and we've been blessed to grow quite a bit since then. Our dreams and visions are big and we are not done yet, so you’ll always see Spirit Quest evolving, transforming, growing, and moving into a grander version of our vision. It’s a vision of shared community spirit, respect for all faiths and spiritual paths, and the dedication to promote wellness through inner peace, inner strength, and love for self and others. We hope you’ll join us on our journey and find a part of your own undiscovered spirit here at Spirit Quest as we all grow, learn and share our visions together. 

Chris & Ginger Pennell, Spirit Quest LLC

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