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Wooden Handcrafted Storage Box Lotus Om Design - washed with a gorgeous teal blue. The inside top and bottom are lined in velvet.


These boxes are amazing to see. As soon as we put them out on the shelves in our brick and mortar store, they sell immediately!! They are just too pretty to not be tempted and they will be a treasure forever.


Use your hand crafted wooden box for trinkets, your favorite card deck, your rocks and minerals or whatever makes you happy! 


Size 8" Length x5" wide x 2.75" tall


This beautiful box has the Lotus Om Design.


This is how the lotus came to be associated with Om, but its meaning doesn't stop there. The lotus represents purity in the face of adversity. The flowers often grow on the top of murky, dirty, and clouded water. Despite this, the petals are always bright and pristine.


Understanding the OM, the vibration of 'Om' symbolizes the manifestation of God in physical sound and form. 'Om' is a reflection of the reality we live in and embracing the beginning and end of all that exists.


The word OM is so powerful that this single word can produce powerful and positive vibrations which allows you to feel the whole universe. ... OM is the mantra which cleanse our Aura and also relates to the third eye chakra also known as (BROW CHAKRA).

Wooden Box Lotus Om - Washed in Teal Blue! A Treasure for your Treasures!!

SKU: 3203
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