Selenite & Kyanite Necklace on 18" Adjustable Black Cord - Both Stones are High, Pure Vibration and Never need Cleansing!


The natural version of fiber optics. Selenite's high vibrational energy aids us in aligning our higher selves with our conscious physical lives, helping us to manifest our desires into the physical. The energy is so high and pure; it fills our cells, our being, & all aspects of our lives with the pure love and light of the Divine Source.  


Kyanite is known as one of the best attunement stones because it never needs cleansing or clearing.  It is the perfect stone form meditation, especially for those who have trouble focusing during meditation.  It provides balance to all the chakras and a deeper connection to the spirit world by stimulating ones own intuition.  Never hold negative energies, so never needs clearing or cleansing.


Aligns and balances all Chakras. Enhances psychic awareness and communication on all levels. Dispels anger and frustration and facilitates mental clarity. Eases you into meditation with a gentle, balanced energy. Treats adrenal and parathyroid glands, throat and brain.


Size of Pendant - approx 2" L x 1/2" wide


Black Cord is 18" with adjustable length chain

Selenite & Kyanite Pendant on 18" Adjustable Black Cord

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