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Orgonite pyramids do not eliminate the electromagnetic energy; instead, they reorganize the pattern of the energy to one that is harmonized for the human body. ... While orgonite can be made into many shapes, the pyramid is a popular form because pyramids are renowned for their ability to amplify and transmit energy.

Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against electromagnetic pollution (emf). These subtle energy tools interact and transform orgone or life energy.

Get back into your groove with the Moonstone crystal, the dreamy, ethereal stone that channels the moon. Connecting with this stone allows you to feel the glow of the moonlight infusing your chakras with its brilliant white light, helping you get into alignment and plug into a higher frequency. Because of its lunar energy, the Moonstone crystal properties remind us of the night sky and its steady and reliable cycle of darkness giving way to light. If you are feeling lost or have trouble finding the light at the end of the tunnel, let the Moonstone crystal healing properties shine a light on your path and guide you on your journey. 

How do I use moonstone?
When using the Moonstone crystal stone as part of your manifestation rituals, program your stone with whatever intention you want to focus on. The energy of your crystal combined with the energy of the moon will amplify your intention, as well as raise your vibration and strengthen your ability to manifest. You can use this stone during any part of the lunar cycle, but it is especially powerful on the full moon and during the days just before and after the full moon.

The clear quartz point enhances the healing frequency bringing loving energy to your entire being.

Dai Ko Myo Reiki symbol is on the side of the pyramid. This Reiki symbol allows high vibration frequency energy bringn you enlightenment and spiritual understanding. 

You can direct the frequency from the orgone pyramid and its stones toward any place, person, or time. Send it to different parts of your body for healing. ...
The base of the pyramid is approximatly 2.75"  each pyramid is handmade so dimensions vary somewhat from time to time. 

These Orgonite Pyramids are priced per each.

Moonstone Pyramid Orgonite with Crystal Point

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