Mini Crystal Quartz Gemstone Tree on Stunning Amethyst Base

These beautiful hand made gem trees have a solid Amethyst Crystal Cluster base. The tree and branches are brass wire with approx 15 to 18 individual amethyst polished stones on the tree.

Quartz is an all purpose healing stone. It amplifies healing energy. Effective for the immune system and cleansing the organs. Quartz increases consciousness, aids in past life recall and attracts love. Quartz also helps remove negative energy.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and calm. It magnifies feelings of love and happiness. Amethyst also helps with heigtened psychic abilities since it is connected to the crown chakra.

The tree is approx 2.3" tall by 2" wide and weighs approx 3 oz.

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Mini Crystal Quartz Gemstone Tree on Amethyst Base, Increase Awareness, Remove N

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