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California White Sage is one of the most sacred herbs among indigenious North American people. Used in ritual, ceremonies or just for cleansing. 

When using sage to clear and bless your home, simply light the sage so that it is smouldering rather than burning. Be sure to have something under the sage stick to catch any embers. Move through the house/business making sure to cleanse each room with the Sage smoke. As you are smudging, be sure to think about what it is that you want to remove from the room (negative energy, chaotic energy, etc. And then think about what you wish to bring in to the room with your intentions - Abundance, Love, Good Energy, Positivity, etc) Smudging clears out the old energy helping the room to feel lighter and brighter!

Each smudge stick is 4"Long or more and if you wish, can be tamped out and then used again.

Mini California White Sage Stick 4"

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