Lemon Peel 1oz   

Citrus, all parts of the fruit body, vibrates at a very high frequency and lifts the human energetic body along with it. The outermost layer of the fruit contains essential oils and phyto-chemicals, which protect and keep the fruit healthy. For us, as we hold citrus, peel them and inhale their fragrance, we absorb their vibrational essence. You begin to match their high vibration and your energy begins to vibrated higher as well. This is why citrus helps to open and clear the Crown Chakra - it is high energy which resonates with the crown. The white part of the fruit, called the pith, is often bitter, soft and similar to fibrous paper. It has the ability to absorb negative energy, working very much like an eraser. All the parts named above, whether fresh or in dried herb form works in the same high vibrational way!

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Lemon Peel 1 oz - Uplifting, Longevity, Clarity, Purification, Aura Cleanser, Re

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