This is a rare piece to add to your collection!


This stone promotes healing, grounding and brings in deep feelings of connection. These pieces are super unique - each one is different so the stone you are seeing is what you will receive as there is not another one like it!


Honey Mosaic Chalcedony contains (get this!!) Yellow Opal, Iron, Granite, Amphibole, Epidote, Chalcedony, Hematite, Manganese, Pink Amethyst, Graphite and Quartz. What a POWER STONE!!!


Mosaic chalcedony helps you to master your emotions, realigns your body, mind and spirit. 


This the the perfect stone to work with when you are feeling out of sorts as it helps you to ground and brings you back to center. It's a natural absorber of negative energy. 


Bring your body, mind and spirit into greater harmony with this amazing stone - a true gift from the earth!!

Honey Mosaic Chalcedony

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