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Flower Agate Palm Stone

These 2" palm stones are absolutely stunning to behold!

Flower Agate assists you in achieving your goals and aspirations, which in doing so brings happiness and love into one’s life. 

Flower agate can stimulate human creativity and imagination and its intrinsic properties assist you in realizing your full potential and achieving your lofty goals and desires.

Flower Agate’s beauty lies in its ability to improve one’s spirit. The stone emits a gentle, nurturing energy that provides the holder tranquility and calmness. It gives them a stronger sense of purpose, allowing them to see the light even in the darkest of circumstances.

The metaphysical uses listed are for reference only. They are simply uses that can be found in metaphysical books and spiritual crystal books.

This listing is for one Flower Agate palm stone, which is chosen intuitively just for you!

Flower Agate Palm Stone - Achieve Your Goals and Desires!

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