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Dowsing Pendulum - Aventurine Merkabah

Looking for quick answers to your spiritual questions? Do you want to improve your psychic ability? Would you like to locate water or lost objects? You should give pendulum dowsing a try. Dowsing pendulums are easy to learn and help improve psychic abilities. They are great for getting confirmation on other forms of divination. These answers will come from your higher self, your guides and/or or your intuition.

To use a pendulum:
Place your elbow on a table or sturdy surface while holding your pendulum at the bead or ball, connected to the end of the pendulum chain, with your index finger and thumb.

Ask your pendulum to show you a "yes" and allow the pendulum to swing. It may swing back and forth or side to side. It may go clockwise or counter clockwise in a circle.

Next ask your pendulum to show you a "no". It should move in a different way compared to when you asked for a "yes".

Now ask your pendulum to show you a "maybe/undecided" and watch for the response.

Now you are ready to use your pendulum!

Aventurine is a stone of good luck... most often used in games of chance and gambling. Aventurine is a prosperity stone and makes a good amulet or talisman. Keep aventurine with you when you gamble, go on a job interview or seek financing. Aventurine makes a good divination tool for spiritual guidance on anything related to money or gambling. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra. It is believed to not just energize and clear the heart chakra, but also to protect one from those who psychically attach to the heart. Aventurine balances the male and female energies improving creativity and ability to work with the opposite sex. Aventurine can help one become emotionally stronger, more decisive and strengthen leadership abilities.

Dowsing Pendulum Aventurine Merkabah - Great Prosperity Stone! Job Interviews, G

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