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Dendritic Agate Palm Stone

These Dendritic Agate palm stones are so calming to hold when meditating!

Dendritic agate helps you empathize easier, so it is an asset to energy readers and spiritual teachers. 

It is a third eye, throat, and heart chakra stone with a comforting, optimistic, and joyful vibration! This means that it is also fantastic for communicating with those around you, as well as your spirit guides, since its energy aids you to communicate with more accuracy. 

It's perfect for you if you work in psychic employment, such as a tarot reader or an intuitive psychic reader. When you are communicating with spirit, it allows you to be calm and relaxed to handle these experiences calmly and without stress.

This listing is for one Dendritic Agate palm stone, which is chosen intuitively just for you!

Dendritic Agate Palm Stone - Communicate Clearly, Calm Your Mind

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