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Citrine Gemstone Tree on Amethyst Base


These beautiful handmade gem trees have a solid Amethyst Druzy Crystal Cluster base. The tree and branches are brass wire with approximately 35 to 45 individual Citrine polished stones on the tree. 


The tree is approximately 7" tall by 4.5" wide and weighs approximately 15.1 oz.


Citrine is great for increasing wealth and promoting positive thoughts and energy.  Keep a few with you and you'll feel charged with optimism all day long. Called the merchant's stone, citrine can assist in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Encourages open-mindedness and helps spiritual awakening. Stimulates endurance and focus, stabilizes emotions and eliminated anger.


Amethyst is extremely powerful with a high spiritual vibration.  It represents the Violet Ray.  It is excellent for meditation & enhances psychic abilities, stimulates 3rd eye & aids channeling. Healing: tunes endocrine system & metabolism, strengthens immune system, relieves physical, emotion & psychological pain or stress.  


The metaphysical uses listed are for reference only. They are simply uses that can be found in metaphysical books and spiritual crystal books.


This listing is for one gemstone tree, which is intuitively chosen just for you!

Citrine Gemstone Tree on Amethyst Base - Bring Abundance and Peace into Your Lif

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