Need to banish negativity, a problem, or a negative person out of your life? Whatever it is you wish to "banish", this herbal mix can help you to energetically begin to sort out those things  you don't need in your life in a spiritually pleasing and easy way by using your higher self and your own powerful ability to manifest and set boundaries. Sometimes we all need a tool in life to help us on our journey and the Herbal Spell Mixes can help you on your path!

The Banishing Herbal Spell Mix is a delightful blend of resins, proprietary and powerful healing herbs and crystals... and Oh My! the aroma is pure heaven!

Herbal Spell Mixes can be used for Sachets, Charm Bags, Ritual Baths or it can be burned.

Banishing Herbal Spell Mix - Banish negativity

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