Botanic Name: Bixa orellana

Common Names: Annattoa Orellana Orleana

Country of Origin: India

Metaphysically Annotta or Achiote Seeds represent fiery love, they are helpful when dealing with health situations and can enhance life force energy. They are also known for removing negatvity or spoken words against you or someone else.

You can use the seeds in a special medicine bag, for healing, tea, potions, rituals baths and washes. Just be careful of the intense color these seed can have. If not careful you could stain clothes, carpets or any material as well as your skin.

The seeds are safe to eat and you can grind them up as a powder for other uses like cooking. Annatto Seed will give color to various cosmetics, soaps, candles, baked goods and other foods. Powdered annatto seed is made into achiote paste and then mixed with vinegar or oil for use as a marinade or rub for meats.

Annatto has been used for eons to keep food from spoiling. It is often used to impart a yellow or orange color to foods and also to impart aroma and flavor.

Store the seeds in a cool, dark place.

You will receive 1 oz. of whole Annatto (Achiote) Seeds.

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Annatto (Achiote) Seeds

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