Amethyst Cluster Pendant - Align with Your Crown Chakra - The Divine Knowing! Experience Soothing Calm and Help for Sleep


Extremely powerful with a high spiritual vibration.  It represents the Violet Ray.  It is excellent for meditation & enhances psychic abilities, stimulates 3rd eye & aids channeling. Healing: tunes endocrine system & metabolism, strengthens immune system, relieves physical, emotion & psychological pain or stress.  It eases headaches, reduces bruising, injuries, treats hearing disorders, lungs, respiratory tract, skin conditions, & intestines.  Treats insomnia & brings sleep.


Size of Pendant - approx 1" L x  1" W  or less


Black Cord is 18" with adjustable length chain


Please note that each pendant is slightly different and you may not get the exact one pictured here.

Amethyst Clust Pendant on 18" Adjustable Black Cord

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