Set of 8 Assorted Color 4 Inch Mini Candles/Chime Candles/Spell Candles

This purchase if for a lot of 10 assorted candles. Each candle is 4" tall and approx 1/2" in diameter. The candles are dripless and smokeless. They burn for approx 2 hours and are a solid color all the way through.

Each set contains an assortment of 8 different colors. The set will most typically come with the colors shown above, but we do reserve the right to substitute a color if we are out of stock of a particular color, but you will receive 8 colors, no two the same color.

Please be aware that sometimes these candles on occassion may have a very minor ding or mark. We understand they are not perfect but they are a great low cost candle perfect for your intention work!

Below are the meanings of the candle colors:

Pink - Emotional Wellbeing, Compassion, Love
Orange - Strength, Success, Attraction
Green - Healing, Prosperity, Growth
Brown - Earth, Animals, Grounding
White - Clarity, Protection
Black - Absorbs Negative Energy
Blue - Clear Communication, Balance
Red - Physical World, Community

4" Chime Candles - Set of 8 Assorted Colors: Use for Rituals, Energy Intention W

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