Fair Day Space Rental

Pricing & Setup Information:

Spirit Quest fairs are by invitation only, each month.


If you are interested in working our fairs, please call Ginger at 832.797.1888.

We rent fair space on a 70/30 % split basis (you keep 70% of your earnings that day)


Saturdays 12PM to 6PM or Sundays 1PM TO 6PM 

VENDORS & READERS MAY BEGIN SET UP AT 11:30am on Saturdays or 12pm on Sundays.

If you find that you will be late in arriving, please call us and let us know. Any space that is unclaimed due to a late arrival or no show will be assigned to someone else 30 minutes prior to the fair.

Please note that if you are a new vendor, healer or reader to our fair, we require a $20 deposit to hold your space on your first attendance. This is a non-refundable deposit for no-shows or if you do not call us to let us know you will be unable to attend the fair within 7 days prior to the event. Thanks for your understanding.  See the bottom of this webpage for paying your $20 deposit by PayPal AFTER confirming your space with Ginger or Chris.

If you cancel more than twice or do not show up or call us to let us know you cannot make it, your name will automatically be on a standby list the next time you want to reserve a space. We need to fill our available space with reliable vendors/healers/readers first.  .

FAIR VENDOR PARKING - The Spirit Quest Center asks all fair day psychics and vendors, after unloading, to park down the street or in the town's public parking area to reserve parking space for fair day clients.

Things to Bring:  Food to Share, Money to Make Change, Client Sign Up Sheet. See below for more details on each.

Please bring food/snacks/covered dish to share with others.

Since we are offering such great space rental fees, it would be so appreciated if you could help us out by bringing some food to share with our fair vendors and fair day attendees. It creates a great atmosphere of goodwill to have this available for all. Food donations don't have to be elaborate - it could be as simple as grabbing a bag of chips and some dip on your way in to the center that day. Thanks!!


Healers, Vendors, Readers - all spaces are set up on a 70/30 split.

You will keep 70% of your earnings for the day and The Spirit Quest Center will receive 30%.

Again, we must stress - due to this very exceptional offer, you must call us 832.797.1888 or email us spiritquestassociates@yahoo.com  if you are interested in working our fairs. Once we have your information, we will contact you with an invitation for any fair upcoming fair days in which we have an available table.

Check Out Procedure at The End of Fair Day:

Before you leave for the day, please come to our retail counter for check out. You'll be asked to fill out a tally sheet - regardless of whether you made money that day or not, and settle up. It's a receipt for us and for you.  Thank you.

Important - please note: You will need to bring a client sign up sheet to post on our wall. This sheet should be no larger the a standard one page 8.5 x 11 piece of copy paper.


Use the below link to see an example sheet. You'd fill in the left hand column of reading times according to whether you'll be offering 20 min, 30 min sessions, or so on. 


CLICK HERE to Download our Example Client Sign Up Sheet in Word document format: Note that under the "Reading Time" column you will need to insert available times  - 12pm, 12:30pm, etc, according to how long you want each session to last that day. Do not leave the Reading Time column blank.

Psychics and Healers will set your own pricing and reading time schedule. To be fair to all, there is a $20 minimum for 20 minutes.

Psychics, readers and healers come on fair day with a client time sign up sheet that includes your bio, picture, your price for readings or healings, along with the type methods of payment you accept (cash, check or credit card). Sheets should be no larger than a regular letter size paper 8.5 x 11.

Print your sheet and bring it with you on fair day. If you find that you have forgotten your sheet, we will furnish you with a generic sheet you can fill in by hand. The fee for the generic sheet is $5 to cover printing, paper and labor expenses. 


All the sign up sheets will be posted together on a bulletin board in a public location so that fair day clients can sign up for the psychic, reader or healer and time they desire.

Psychics/Readers/Healers will be responsible for staying on time and collecting their own payment at the fairs - please bring plenty of money with you to make change. Because we are charged for credit and debit transactions, our store is unable to act as an ATM for your customers. If your customers need cash, we do now have an ATM in the store.  

Let's get the word out!! Remember that it's a great idea to post information on your website, in your newsletter and on your social media (facebook, twitter, etc) about our fair day and your being a vendor/reader/healer with us that day! With all of us promoting together, we can create a great turn out!

Remember to schedule some cushion time between your sessions for clients to get in their chairs and to pay afterwards. Also remember to schedule yourself a break or two! Have fun and enjoy the day.

Thank you so much for considering working our fairs. We look forward to working with you!
Call Ginger or Chris Pennell at 832.797.1888 or email us at spiritquestassociates@yahoo.com to arrange fair day space rentals.

New fair vendors pay your $20 deposit by PayPal here - ONLY after confirming there is available space for you with Chris or Ginger by phone 832.797.1888 or email spiritquestassociates@yahoo.com. 

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