Please contact practitioners directly for appointments.

Each practitioner at The Spirit Quest Center brings wonderful energy and passion to our center. Each specialize in their own services and many offer some of the same services but with a different twist. We encourage you to contact us, come in and meet us, feel free to ask questions. We are here to help you discover your own passions, healing and life path!


Each practitioner who offices at the center works independently of The Spirit Quest Center. You'll want to visit their website and contact them directly for more information and their schedule. Practitioners work by appointment so may not always be available for walk in services. It's best to call or email them directly for appointments.

Revs. Chris & Ginger Pennell

Reverends Chris and Ginger Pennell, ACCH, RM/T are the owners of The Spirit Quest Center and Ordained Ministers. They are Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotists, Reiki Master/Teachers, Aura Imaging & Alternative Healing Specialists. 

Visit to find out about all the services they offer. Contact them by email at or call 832.797.1888.

Using powerful, natural healing methods like Hypnosis, Crystal Color Light & Sound Bed Therapy, Reflexology and Reiki, we can help you find the real cause of a physical, mental or emotional problem, trauma or disease and completely release it without ever having to re-experience it. We believe in facilitating your healing journey through positive change of attitude and thoughts with these healing modalities. We’ve seen people dramatically improve their health and energy and increase the longevity of their lives!

You can make amazing changes in your life with alternative healing, intuitive readings and/or spiritual and life coaching.

Services offered: Onsite Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, FAST Weight Loss, Crystal Color Light & Sound Bed, Reflexology, Reiki Sessions & Certification, Card Readings by Ginger, Life/Spiritual/Motivational Coaching, Astrology Reports, Aura Photos, Aura Photo Parties, Ghost Tours and Investigation Dinners

For detailed information on the services, classes and pricing Chris & Ginger offer, please visit their website at

Janette Moore, LMT

Janette Moore, LMT is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Ear Candler, Reflexologist and a Notary Public. She has a diploma in Astrology/Parapsychology and is a Reverend of Universal Life Church.

Visit  to find out more about her services. Contact her by email at or call 832.276.1100

She believes if you stay positive and focused, anything can happen and will change for the greater good. With a strong will, you can heal your mind, body and soul. We are all meant to do this, some of us just take a little longer to realize our real purpose in life. We are here to help each other get back on our life path.

Janette loves to run energy thru people and let them feel the difference of love and spiritual help. She uses Reiki, Shaman, and other Angelic, spiritual help. She calls in the Ascended Masters, Goddess and prays to God and Jesus for help with each individual client. Everyone's energy is different, but in being empathic, Janette can sometimes pick up on the pain her clients are experiencing as she runs energy. With the help of angels, Janette is a cancer survivor and in remission. Just believe and good things will happen...

In sessions of Reflexology and Reiki, Janette uses essential oils. She uses the Ion bath to pull toxins out of the body and also a Chi machine that helps improve blood circulation. She also uses Crystals in her healing work as an additional, powerful energy tool.

Services offered: Massage, Ear Candling, Reflexlogy, Ion Foot Bath, Chi Machine, Reiki Sessions, Notary Public

Rhonda Oden, PhD.

Rhonda Oden, BSBA-Bus.Management, Rev. ULC; Angel Therapy Practitioner®; Certified Medium, & Certified Healing Facilitator, is an intuitive spiritual guide who uses her gift to assist in defining ones path, giving more clarity. She teaches empowerment techniques and how to manifest your desires in life. Through her divine connection she facilitates and jump starts your power within assisting you in strengthening your own ability and divine connections. 

She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® & Certified Medium (Certified by Doreen Virtue, Phd).  Other credentials include “The One Command”®, Access Bars ®, Pranic Healing®,  Intuitive Tarot, Reflexology, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Aroma Therapy, Color & Light sessions, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Therapy, Paranormal Research, and more.

Services offered: Angel Readings, Healing with the Angels, Pranic Healing Sessions, Other Energy Work Sessions, Guided Visualization Sessions. Fees: Readings - $55/30 min. $105/1 Hr. Healing & Other Sessions - $55/30 min. $95/1Hr.

Visit Rhonda's website at for more information. Contact her by email at



Mera - who is a Star Child, is a Psychic/Medium ~ Lemurian Healer who divinely connects with the Angelic Realm, Spirit Guides, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones as well as many other beautiful “Benevolent” Light Beings that are excited to help you with your magical & beautiful journey here on Earth.  She is a Master “Seer/Channel” who performs “Soul ” to generate information on your current time-line to bring forth Love, clarity and guidance to your life. You always receive what your “Soul” wants you to know at this very moment during her sessions.   Mera always works through “Love” and has a special affinity with young adults & children (Indigos, Crystals, Diamond, Rainbow, etc.). She also connects with crossed over “pet family” members and offers Animal Totem readings as well as “Home Clearings/Blessings”.


"Love is your natural state of Be-ing ~ Love is the only thing that is real." ~ Mera


Rev. ULC; Angel Certified Practitioner®; Certified Medium ~ Doreen Virtue, PhD®, Angel Oracle Card Practitioner – Doreen Virtue, PhD®, Lemurian Healing® Practitioner, Theta Healing® Practitioner.



Services offered: Angel Readings, Healing with the Angels, Angel Oracle Card Readings, Channeling Spirit Guides, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Mediumship Session, Pet Mediumship Sessions, Lemurian Healings, Theta Healing Sessions, Home Clearing/Blessings, Animal Totem Sessions.

Fees: Readings - $65/30 min. $120/1 Hr. ~ All Healings - $70/30 min. $140/hr

Home Clearing/Blessing - $100, Animal Totem - $30/30 min

Visit Mera’s website at for more information. Contact her at .

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