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Contact Chris or Ginger now to schedule your class, workshop or meeting at 832.797.1888

We have the perfect space for your class, workshop, presentation, meetings, gatherings, healing sessions, support groups, counseling sessions and more!

In addition to the below, we have room rental rates to meet your client one on one by the hour, or daily rates / weekly as well.  Please call Ginger for information and pricing.


The room is Approx. 250+ square feet. Theater seating is approx. 35 to 40.

Hourly Classroom Rental Fee 




Please include an additional 15-30 minutes in your rental time for setup, clean-up, and tear-down. For example, if your event lasts one hour, then schedule two hours to allow ample time before and after your event. If you run over the allotted time for your rental, then the hourly rate will apply.


The more time you rent, the more money you save!

1 hour, $25
2 hours, $50
3 hours, $70
4 hours, $90
5 hours, $105
6 hours or more, $130 flat rate

We require full payment at time of booking. We accept credit card, debit, Paypal or cash payment.


Some events may require a credit card on file to cover an additional damage deposit. The determination of establshing or waiving of a damage deposit is based on the condition of the room after each of your events. Otherwise, there will be no additional charge.  

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel:
Within 30 days or more prior to your event, then you will receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative fee.

Within 15-29 days prior to your event, then we will refund 50 percent of your payment.   

What is your rescheduling policy?
Changes to one or more dates that have already been booked shall incur a $25 administrative fee.

How do I book rental space?
Confirm the availability of your date and time on our online website Events calendar. Read through our FAQ below. Send a space request by email with details or contact Ginger Pennell at 832.797.1888


What kind of information do I need to send to book a space?

If you want to advertise your event to the public and want our help with that, it is best to create a flyer for your event with your picture or a picture relevant to the event.  Your flyer with the below information needs to be sent to us BEFORE the 5th of the prior month to your event or before so that we have ample time to put the information on our web, in our newsletter, etc.


PDF or jpg format are best.

If you'd like to print flyers for us to stuff in customer's bags please drop them off at the center or mail them to us. Contact Ginger for mailing address. We estimate a minimum 225 flyers per week. You determine how many flyers you want to print for us.

If you'd like US to print flyers for you we will print 2 weeks worth and stuff bags with your flyers 2 weeks before your event. The cost for us to print your flyers for 2 weeks is $30.  Printing for 3 weeks is $35. Printing for 4 weeks is $40.

Title of Event

Text description of event

Fee for event - when is the fee due? Do you have a cut off date for payment or are walk ins accepted?

Types of payment you accept - cash, check or credit card along with info on how to get payment to you

Registration contact email and phone number 


Please note that you or your staff  are responsible for your own class sign ups and registrations along with your attendee’s payment.


Include your contact phone and/or email info with your event description write up so that your attendees can contact your directly to sign up for your event.


It is important to remenber you must bring money to make change if you are accepting cash payments on the day of the event. The store has limited change and cannot do this for your attendees. attendees can, if they wish, use the ATM on the store premises to obtain cash.

How do I book an ongoing weekly or monthly class?
Ongoing classes may be set up in advance as long as they do not conflict with previously scheduled events. Review our calendar to confirm a recurring day and time. We also suggest you pick another recurring day and time as a second choice. Read through our FAQ. Send a space request with details listed above.


How do I know my space is reserved?
Ginger Pennell will contact you to discuss and/or confirm your request. Your reservation is tentative until all (if required - damage deposits) full payment and paperwork have been completed. Once finalized, your reservation will be posted to the calendar.

Am I allowed to bring outside food and drink into the room?
Yes, you are allowed to bring outside food and drink into the room.  Exceptions are red wine or color drinks or cakes, cookiest etc that have coloring that may stain the carpet. You are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of leftovers and trash. Trash can be carried out and deposited into the courtyard trash can. Thanks!

How early or late can I rent space?
The room is available during our regular store hours, Wed - Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you need evening times later than 7pm please let us know. We ask that late night events be over no later than 9:00 p.m., and that all participants leave the grounds at this time. Any event to be held earlier or later than store hours MUST be approved by Ginger Pennell.

How much time do I have to set up before my event?
You must include your room setup, after event clean-up and tear-down in your rental time. If you run over your time with attendees or clean up an additional pro-rated hourly rate will apply. See above on how to calculate set up and tear down time.

Does the room have tables and chairs?
Yes, the room has both tables and chairs available for up to 40 people. You are responsible for the setup and tear-down of all tables, chairs, and equipment for your event.

What kind of equipment is available?
The auditorium has an In-Focus projector for use with your computer, a projection screen, and wireless access at no charge. It also has a dry erase board. There is a DVD player (used with your computer) and sound system as well.

Are promotional efforts made for those who rent space?
We have an area in our store where you may post a flyer for your event and you may bring additional fliers to leave on our information shelf. Please do not mail fliers to our physical store address. We do not receive postal mail here. If you'd like to mail your fliers, contact Ginger for a mailing address. Your event will also be noted on our Web calendar and in our newsletter as well as Facebook. Otherwise, you are responsible for all promotion, advertising, and marketing of your event. Please see above for flyer information.


Room Rental FAQ’s


Please keep these things in mind:


No smoking in the building.

Honor your allotted time frame. Others may be using the space before and after your time.
If you run over, there will be additional charges.

End your event no later than 9:00 p.m. This allows us time to close and secure the building.

You are responsible for setup, cleanup, and tear down of your event.

Clean up food, drinks, and trash from your event.

Set up and put away all tables and chairs.

Pick up, set up, and return all equipment. We do not provide technical support.

You are responsible for the condition of the room, equipment, etc. Your security deposit is at risk.


Call Ginger or Chris Pennell at 832.797.1888 or email us at to arrange room rentals.

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