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Carla Poli


Carla Poli is a Jamaican native who relocated to Houston, Texas around 10 years ago because of her drive for creating the best reality for herself, and family abroad and for her love for music/dance and the arts. Once she moved to the states, she immediately began training in ballroom dancing and after just 3 years of professional ballroom, she retired with 2 national US titles in the Ballroom circuit in Professional American Ballroom Rhythm dance. Once her ballroom journey was coming to an end (which she was very happy about), she gravitated towards skincare as her own skin wasn't at its best. She visited the Aveda institute Houston as a client and signed up for their Esthiology (Skincare program). Attending Aveda was life changing. She learned that skincare is beyond skin deep and how to truly care for the skin from the inside out, as you can only do so many superficial treatments for appearance purposes. Before completing school, all her teachers and the director of the school suggested/offered that she take advantage of the opportunity to become a master educator in Esthiology. Moments after graduating school, she obtained her state license and returned to Aveda to complete their Master Educator internship. Carla spent a little over 2 years teaching the holistic and Ayurvedic approach to skincare while obtaining 3 additional licenses, certifications and a list of accolades. These included but are not limited to:
Esthiology license, Master Educator license, Eyelash extension specialist licenses, licensed laser hair removal technician and certified in microdermabrasion, light therapy and more. 

She later moved on to working in a franchised spa environment for approximately 3 years gaining great hands-on experience in the skincare field. 

Today, Carla is the solid founder and CEO of Likkle Jamaica Skin Therapy. A small force to be reckoned with. Her main focus is getting to the bottom of your skincare concerns and treating them from the inside out. Her skincare treatments follow a whole body approach as she uses your skin as a map. "We are made up of more than 70% water and the skin is the largest organ of the body. We really don't care for it as much as we do everything else, normally when we care it's too late. More than half of our issues (especially health related) could have been avoided or taken care of if people would pay attention to their skin, like really pay attention but we just think it's our covering and that's it. It's sad because it is a living, breathing covering that we neglect", Carla mentioned in a consultation setting. She stressed how important it is to have a basic skin care regime of cleansing twice a day, use a toner after cleansing, along with treatment (serum), moisturizing and protecting your skin during day using a sunscreen no more than 30 SPF. "We only get one temple, one body and everything will fall in place when the mind, body and spirit are balanced" 

With over 8 years experience in the skincare industry and her native Jamaican roots, she has decoded how to have and maintain the best skin you can have. Carla knows this is her life's purpose and that it is something she will be doing for a life time. Helping and healing the skin from the inside out. 

Carla Poli, LE, LEE is a Licensed Esthiology Educator, AVEDA/Ayurvedic certified, Reiki Master, Holistic/Homeopathic Counselor, Owner of Likkle Jamaica Skin Therapy


"Skin care is beyond skin deep." This philosophy is what I have built my entire career around.  

Growing up on the Island of Jamaica has given me a unique perspective and insight into the human condition. As an individual who is in tune with the spirit world, knowledge of healing herbs, crystals and studied Ayurvedic treatments, beliefs and benefits, I know that outward appearances are a direct reflection of our internal battles. My purpose at Likkle Jamaica is to bridge the gap between in order for you to become the most healthy and radiant person you can be, both inside and out. Mind, Body and Spirit must be balanced to ensure longevity and look great while living it. 

Upon entering you will feel the soothing presence of the tropics, the healing energy of crystals all around, the calming aroma of incenses and candles. Relaxation greets you as you inhale the positive and release that which is not.

No one person is the same or has the same skin build-up, nor is what will heal them. My mission is to individualize everyone's experience. For some this may be coming to me for a facial after a long tiresome day at work to simply relax, some may just lay in silence and reflect upon their day. More often than not a simple human touch can heal a person in ways medication cannot. Reiki is based upon this principle and as a Reiki Master I feel that everyone can benefit from this healing energy. In conjunction, whatever we put into our bodies we become, during a counseling session we go through homeopathic remedies to get the best you shining from the inside out. However, for some individuals they may need more spiritual guidance along with their services. No matter what your belief system pure intentions will ensure that you receive all the blessings during your treatment.

Leaving Likkle Jamaica Rejuvenated, Re-Energized, Relaxed and Renewed is my mission. Ready to conquer whatever life may hand you.

Services Offered: Element-Focused Facials, Back Treatments, Reiki Sessions, Energy Balancing, Eyebrow / Eyelash Tinting, Body Waxing, Homeopathic/Holistic + Spiritual Counseling Sessions, Crystal Therapy, Hand Therapy, Foot Therapy, Scalp Therapy, Aromatherapy.

Contact Carla for appointments and pricing at 832.206.0619



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